Landscape Garden Design

Garden Design

Initial consultation - $340 (approx. 90 minutes)

Each garden has its own unique characteristics, and Jackie will meet you onsite to gain an understanding of your vision for the space. Her focus is on maximising the functionality of the site and using her horticultural knowledge and expertise to provide plant and design suggestions that will work best in your garden. Jackie will also take measurements of the site for the area discussed and take photos as required.

Following your consultation, Jackie will provide consult notes summarising key points that were discussed for the landscape garden design. On receipt, she will commence research and drawing of a landscape design with planting schedule for your garden.

Landscape design with planting schedule - $1,800

Landscape plans are well resolved and scaled plans showing the relationship between buildings, site levels, and structures such as pergolas, garden beds, hard and soft scape, the choice of surfaces that can be used, and other design features. A detailed 2D digital drawing will be presented with a unique planting schedule to complement your home and garden.

Jackie’s landscape designs will bring to life a vision for your space and help you understand the developed plan which can then be passed onto a landscaper to build.

Horticultural maintenance program and bespoke planting plan - $2,400

Drawing on Jackie's expert design and horticultural knowledge, we can create a detailed digital planting plan with an illustrated list of landscaping plants that would be suitable for your garden.

The planting plan includes:

  • Plants that are required for your soil type.
  • Identification of existing plantings that require noting of their interest and conditions.
  • A Horticultural Maintenance Plan for plantings on site or in the landscape design.
  • Tree assessment.

A bespoke planting plan can be tailored to body corporate dwellings, strata, government sites, or private gardens. If required, this option is available separately to a landscape design with pricing based on size and complexity (starting from $2,400).

On site or virtual design consult - $250.00 per hour

One hour face to face or virtual meeting to resolve issues in your garden space and enhance the design and flow of your garden. Look at the plant choices that are currently in the garden, and talk through how we can be sympathetic to our growing environment.

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